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ID 552204

Carlos Pina-Vaz

9 to 5: Director at Golden Development. 5 to 9: co-founded 2 start-ups at 22. EMLyon Business School MSc. Lived and worked in 3 continents during last 6 years.

ID 249461

Paulo Coelho

Job seeker

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 507826

Bruno Abreu

Five years experienced journalist with social ease and a passion to learn with others. Detail oriented and creative mind. Four language speaker.

ID 432209

Kunal Gokal

Project Manager at Rocket Internet

ID 805558

Diana Baptista

ID 105112

Bruno Costa

hacker by trade, hustler by nature • host @grand-startup-tour and Porto Tech Meetup

ID 426965

Duarte Silva

Ambitious, passionate and self-driven; craving for challenges in the startup world!

ID 518036

Alex Filipe

Well Hello!

ID 505475

Artur Raimundo Dias

Sales and Marketing Top Graduate w/ Experience

ID 622703

Antonio Costa

Co-Founder @dreamsscanner-1 • Studied at @universidade-do-porto, @universidad-rey-juan-carlos-1 • MSc in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship • Marketeer; Worked at Molaflex S.A and Heliotextil S.A.

ID 466586

Pedro Pereira

Founder and CFO at @uniwee • CFO at @c-m-upt-junior-consulting

ID 186269

Rui Zamith

Founder of @kape-strategy-ltd. Marketer, Strategist & Online Entrepreneur (internwise.co.uk, graduatewise.com, kapeinternships.com)

ID 685900

Joao Montenegro

Professor at University of Aveiro, launched successful 3d printer on the market, developing the first Portuguese sports car. Master POLIMI + Uni. Aveiro 2013

ID 242102

Sara Teixeira

Marketing & Communication at CoVii; Attending masters degree in Digital Marketing at ISCAP; Licentiate degree in Marketing at ISCAP

ID 473438

Mario Miguel

Porto, Growth Hacking Marketing Specialist

ID 82753

Francisco Tomé Costa

I'm passionate about football, startups and technology

ID 141030

João Lopes Martins

CEO @muchbeta, SaaS devlps, and @niiiws #iPad app. Thinking web, looking for and sharing news from the next future. ...

ID 445450

Ricardo Sousa

Founder & CEO @clientplus + Founder & Chairman @colorelephant // Worked with/for @microsoft @wooga @6wunderkinder @evernote ...

ID 728690

Pedro Macedo

CMO & Co-Founder @brandmeup • University of Porto. Passionate by Growth Hacking

ID 583625

Antonio Goncalves

Independent Consultant

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