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ID 609237

Tiago Rodrigues

ID 387132

Henrique Caiano

Founder & Lead Designer @songvice, @headblendr. Fouder & Label Manager @sync-forward

ID 302270

André Oliveira

Co-founder of @pixelmatters. Founder & CEO of @fiiinta. 23. Designer. Guts and will to make things happen with the power of passion, design & creativity.

ID 512037

Gonçalo Andrade

Founder SIMI • Worked at @orbus-software, @copidouro

ID 685900

Joao Montenegro

Professor at University of Aveiro, launched successful 3d printer on the market, developing the first Portuguese sports car. Master POLIMI + Uni. Aveiro 2013

ID 156208


Creative Director / Lead Designer @muchbeta, @niiiws @geekslab Something Niiiw just for you www.niiiws.com

ID 435392

Paulo Patrício

Designer and visual storyteller. Print and web designer at @memeoirs.

ID 846692

Frederico Pignatelli

MProf graduate at Univerity of Abertay Dundee in 2012; 3D Generalist; Graphic Designer; Worked at Leya Portugal

ID 310450

Tiago Restivo

ID 31917

João Nunes

Worked at @freelancer, @xd-portugal • Studied at @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 82753

Francisco Tomé Costa

I'm passionate about football, startups and technology

ID 191270

Joao Ferreira

Pushing pixels as a Lead Designer @ Group Buddies

ID 65266

João Valente

Founder & CTO @outtrippin. Previously Tech-Lead at schooools.com and Project Manager / Information Architect at doist.io. Bridging the gap between computers and people.

ID 379284

Miguel Ângelo

Web&Mobile Developer junior

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